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Yes, scalp psoriasis is an actual thing. Psoriasis is a condition that can develop on any part of your body. It mainly affects your skin and your scalp is also considered to be part of the skin. If left untreated, it could lead to a lot of serious issues like baldness. Today, we will tell you how to best deal with this condition.

What is Scalp Psoriasis

It is common pores and skin sickness that influences many human beings. The ones affected by this situation have reddish and scaly patches on their scalp. There may be a single patch present or a couple of patches can also expand.


The precise cause of this psoriasis, or every other form of psoriasis, is still now not clear. But it is believed to be an end result of an abnormality in the immune system. This abnormality might also cause the cells in our skin to develop unexpectedly but those aren’t shed on the same rate.

  1. Patches or bumps at the scalp (usually crimson/pink)
  2. Silvery-white scales
  3. Scalp dryness
  4. Flaky skin that resembles dandruff
  5. Itchy bumps
  6. irritation or burning sensation
  7. accelerated hair loss
  8. Bleeding (from scratching the scales)


Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

Firstly apple cider vinegar is understood for its properties. So this may assist lessen the discomfort and infection of the affected skin. Its antiseptic properties can also assist to prevent any infections from developing on the scalp.

Aloe Vera as a Remedy

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Now the soothing properties of aloe vera provide relief from the itchiness and irritation. Its properties and antioxidants help to reduce the swelling and deal with the skin situation faster