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We bet you have gone countless times to the parlour to polish your skin because you were too scared to do it yourself and burn your skin, right? Skin polishing is used to reduce the presence of dark spots on the skin by bleaching them. It reduces discolouration and brings out your skin’s natural glow.

So we will tell you how to polish your skin at home without causing any harm!

Bleach with Potatoes

Potato is a natural bleaching agent and correctly gets rid of tanning brought on because of exposure to the sun.

  • Peel the pores and skin of a potato and grate it.
  • Upload some rose water and make a paste in a blender.
  • When you have extremely dry pores and skin, you could add honey to the blend. In case of oily pores and skin, replace honey with lemon juice.
  • Observe it at the face and on exposed regions which include neck and fingers to get even-toned skin.
  • permit it dry and wash off with water.
  • Potato bleaches the pores and skin mildly. With normal use, your skin lightens, and even the dark spots are decreased.

Use Tomatoes

  • Take a ripe tomato and mash it.
  • Sieve it the use of a strainer to sluice out the seeds.
  • Add a teaspoon of curd and blend it properly.
  • Observe this pack at the face evenly and let it dry.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash off the face pack and pat the pores and skin dry.
  • Normal use of this pack lightens the scars and spots and offers an excellent tone to the pores and skin.
Tomato extract and lemon juice