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Like the rest of our body, our hair requires attention and care as well. Our hair is just as prone to damage as any other part of our bodies. With the trends changing everyday and all of us wanting to stay at the top of our style game, we end up doing a lot of damage to our hair. The market is full of fake hair dyes and they are the reason your hair is all damaged and rough. Read more!

The signs and symptoms and harm due to hair colour may not continually show up without delay. It is able to take up to numerous days or even weeks after hair coloring classes. In case you shade hair regularly. Chances of something severe happening pass up via many folds. Fake hair dyes can sometimes be hard to recognise but we are here to help.

How They Affect your Hair


Whether or not you’re coloring your hair to hide the greys or just experimenting You may be risking excessive hypersensitive reactions. The maximum not unusual signs and symptoms encompass itchy scalp, redness and swelling within the scalp. Moderate dandruff, swelling across the eyes and eyelids, and scaly skin around eyes, nose and face.


Loss of Natural Hair Shine

If you color your hair frequently, it receives over-processed due to chemical substances present within the dyes. The chemical compounds strip moisture out of your tresses, isolating cuticle scales and making them dry and brittle. Your hair ends up losing its shine.

Harmful Skin Reactions

Hair shades can also reason skin reactions. Some common symptoms include, burning sensations, redness and flaky skin, itchiness and discomfort. It’s miles recommended which you carry out a patch test 48 hours earlier than getting your hair colored.

Skin Rashes

Frequently, individuals who are allergic to hair dyes file of getting red rashes on the scalp. The rashes will appear inside the area it turned into implemented to, and any vicinity this is exposed to the dye. You need to straight away see a dermatologist, so that the hypersensitivity is handled with none put off.