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We have all heard about blackheads because they are fairly common. What most people don’t know is that whiteheads are an actual thing. Sometimes known as comedones, whiteheads are a type of zits. They are usually formed by a number of factors. Today, we decided to share some information with you so that you are informed. Continue reading!

Where are they Found

  1. They may seem everywhere within the body, however they’re more generally visible at the face, chin and nostril.
  2. These seem as small white bumps at the pores and skin, specifically on the oily parts of the face and pores and skin.
  3. They can appear at any age but are most often accompanied with the aid of hormonal changes that take place at some point of puberty.
  4. Both whiteheads and blackheads around nostril and different parts of the face may be treated.

Major Causes

Following are the main causes of these on your skin.


Hormonal changes in the course of puberty, menstruation, being pregnant and menopause can lead to the formation of whiteheads.

Sebum Production

Drug the periods of hormonal adjustments the amount of sebum secretion will increase which block the pores. That’s why women are greater prone to whiteheads in comparison to guys.

Genetics Play a Role Too

It has been noticed than sebum manufacturing is managed with the aid of heredity and genes. Genes can make the pores and skin greater sensitive to hormones. People with acne prone skin are more liable to get whiteheads.

Increased use of Cosmetics

Immoderate use of cosmetics and make makeup can cause whiteheads and zits due to the fact even is eliminated; it leaves in the back of traces that clogs the pores.

No Proper Skin Care

Poor skin care, not cleaning the face regularly and not doing away with dead skin cells through exfoliation results in blockage of pores which invitations bacterial contamination.

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