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Even though the concept of applying a primer is relatively new, they have taken the makeup world up by storm. A primer provides the base to your makeup. It helps with the application of foundation. It is a product that can help your skin look smooth, flawless and help your foundation blend on your skin well. Choosing the right primer is important because like we said, it sets the base for your foundation.

If you want to know all about choosing the right primer for your skin, keep reading.

The Right Primer For Your Skin

You need to know the makeup type before applying it. Else you will see that it will be too greasy or left too dry. Also, you must know that all primers are not for your skin. Here is the thing you need to know before choosing the primers.


If You Have Dry Skin

Okay so firstly, thank that you have a dry skin. Else, you will be fussing about the greasy look. One thing you need to make sure is that for the dry skin, it should be properly hydrated. The main concern in the dry skin is the dried and flaky skin. So make sure your primer is catering this problem. Therefore, always go intro the hydrating primers category while visiting a cosmetics shop.

If You Have Oily Skin

For oily skin, you know that you will have your pore all covered up in grease. So you must consider this issue while choosing makeup. You definitely need to keep the skin moderately hydrated and to cover the sebum layer. Your primer should make sure that the foundation is well settled on your skin and does not drop away.

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If You Have Combination Skin

So this is a real tussle. You need to make sure that the primers which you have selected are not over hydrating your skin. Neither they should keep it too flaky or dry. And makes your makeup settle in the finest manner.