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You may have seen countless posts, even on this blog that mention lemon. Whether it’s a skin care post, a hair care post or something to do with a healthy diet plan. You will find a mention of this wonder fruit in there. Yes, they are a fruit. So, we decided to dedicate a whole article to this amazing wonder of nature. Lemons literally have the cure to everything so keep reading!

These remedies will tell you how to best use this fruit to get maximum benefit.

A Clarifying Moisturizer

  • Mix a few drops of coconut water with some drops of lemon juice.
  • The coconut will hydrate your skin, and lemon will clean and brighten it.

Bleach your Elbows and Knees

In case your elbows and knees appear darkish, honestly rub them with 1/2 of a lemon.

Treat Blackheads

It can sound too exact to be genuine, however because lemons are antibacterial, they could assist deal with pimples.

  • Simply slice a lemon, and squeeze the juice for your face.
  • Your blackheads will start to fade earlier than you understand it.

Lemon for sun tan

Use as Cleaning Wipes

I like to mix a couple drops of lemon and tea tree crucial oil in about 6 oz. of distilled water. I advise it as a toner or for use with cotton pads as a cleansing wipe for complicated pores and skin.

It’s a Teeth Whitener Too!

  • Mix baking soda and lemon juice, and use it on your tooth with a smooth Q-tip.
  • Then, use your toothbrush to scrub your enamel and rinse.
  • It’s manner less expensive than going in your dentist’s office.


Brightens your Skin

Lemons are rich in diet C and citric acid, so that they can assist brighten and lighten your pores and skinwhilst used over time. Vitamin C is a outstanding antioxidant for neutralizing loose radicals and boosting collagen production. Which means it is able to assist lighten age spots, darkish spots, or a fake tan long gone wrong. Take into account to put on SPF when the use of lemon juice for your skin, even though, since the citrus fruit can make your pores and skin more touchy to UV rays.