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You must’ve heard a countless times that you are what you eat. What this means is that what you eat, literally affects your body in a lot of ways. This is not just limited to your body shape and weight. What you eat also has an effect on your hair, skin and nails. Skin is something we are all super conscious about and we want it to be smooth and soft and spotless. The perfect skin doesn’t just come with using beauty products. There are some miracle foods that will do wonders for your skin and we decided to share those with you today.


In our list of miracle foods for your skin, lemons are at the top.

Lemon for sun tan

This ‘Elixir of Life’ is the best ingredient to detoxify your body and to maintain that glow on your face. Have lemon with some hot and see the magic.

Sweet Potatoes

These starches that are rich in beta-carotene-rich are very good in turning the complexion fair. Sweet potatoes have combination of Vitamin A and Vitamin C that has the best skin-brightening effects. The vegetable is also effective in neutralising free radicals that are notorious for damaging cell tissue. It is the damage of the tissue that cause the dulling effect. Sweet potatoes are also rich in Vitamin B, which is essential for nail and hair growth.



Almost everyone knows that almonds are a healthy food for skin. Let us tell you that these nuts are also vital in enhancing your beauty. Since they are rich in Vitamin E, they act as a skin-beautifying antioxidant. Vitamin E is essential for the smoothness of the skin. It also helps fight signs of aging. Vitamin E protects skin against the sun damage.

Chia Seeds

The next time you are out to get groceries, do not forget to get the chia seeds packet from the shelf. These seeds are rich in antioxidant and are full of fiber and minerals. They have just the right amount of fatty acids which is essential for the skin’s glow.


If you want your skin to look fresh and glowing, pineapple is the right fruit for you. It doesn’t only taste incredible, but it also has incredible results on your skin. Since the fruit helps in reducing inflammation, improving digestion and removing toxins from the body, it ultimately reflects on the skin which looks even more amazing than before.