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Long nais are considered a sign of beauty these days. In fact, they have been for centuries. Having long nails can change the entire appearance of your hands. Beautiful hands are considered a woman’s prized asset. If you have nails that are not growing fast enough then we have compiled a list of reasons behind that. If you do one of these things, you need to stop so you can have nails that are long and beautiful.


Why your Nails are Not Growing Fast Enough

So there are many reasons behind the nail growth. We need to cater to all problems and issues faced by women. Some of the reasons are mutual for both men and women. However, we need to focus more on why can’t the ladies get their nails in order. So here is the much asked list of reasons!

You Nail Bite

It is one of the main reasons why your nail growth is not according to your choice. Nail biting is a very bad habit. Also sadly it is very common in people of all ages. The reason behind nail biting is usually stress. Therefore, if you keep on biting your nail than ultimately you will have to keep small nails. And this will also diminish your beauty and give a bad impact to the people.

Base Coat

So if you love applying nail polish than this might be the mistake you are making. It is often noticed than women forget to apply the base coat. This damages the nails and makes them brittle. So make sure you apply the protective base coat.

Source: Allure Nails

Using Acrylics Excessively

Acrylics are a damage cast for your nails. Since they give the un natural and un necessary look to your nail. They eventually damage the nail growth process. And make your beauty suffer in the longer run. So it is better recommended to avoid using excessive acrylics if you wish to have long and beautiful nails!