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Yes, they are a thing. And yes, they can permanently damage your scalp and as a result, your hair. Did you know you could actually go bald if you don’t treat your scalp well? Scalp pimples are just like regular pimples but they are on your scalp. Because your hair covers it, you can’t really see them but, you can feel them. They can scar, and bleed like regular pimples. We have shared some natural remedies that will help you treat your scalp pimples and get rid of them.


One factor that may be said approximately garlic is that it contains salicylic acid that is one of the foremost motives why it may take away pimples very easily.


Garlic additionally has anti fungal and anti viral residences which can help dispose of the main causes of pimples.
At the same time as there are times when you might not need to use it due to its odor. You have to understand that this can assist you out properly.

  • Make garlic tea via setting some cloves of garlic on boiling water.
  • Permit it steep for about 10 mins.
  • Take out the garlic cloves and rinse your water with the usage of the garlic tea.
  • Do this on every occasion viable.



Do you understand what tomatoes can do? Tomatoes are normally the ones which could restore the pH stability of the skin. Apart from the reality that they can neutralize the skin, they are also wealthy in salicylic acid. Which may be excellent for the scalp in addition to all parts of the skin. The notable component about tomatoes is they can also assist the hair develop again.

  • Get tomatoes and get the juice out of tomatoes.
  • You may pick to feature it in with water or no longer.
  • Lightly rinse your scalp and hair with sparkling juice from the tomatoes.

Tomatoes Faiza beauty Cream