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With changing weathers, it’s not just your wardrobe that changes. If you are someone who likes to be on top of trends then this article will definitly help you. Like you need to follow certain rules when it comes to winter wardrobe, you also need to follow some rules for winter makeup. Just liek you can’t pull off a sleeveless dress in winter, you just cannot pull off certain makeup.


Here are some of the do’s and dont’s of winter makeup you need to be conscious about.

Do: Wear Maroon and Burgundy Lipsticks

One of the exceptional methods to get a standout autumn look is to play up your lip shade. For the duration of fall, flip to maroon or burgundy shades of lipsticks, glosses, and stains. With one of these bold lip, there may be no need to also make a declaration along with your eyes, as you don’t need to overpower the look. Keep your eye shadow minimal, but feel unfastened to use easy black mascara and eyeliner.

maroon lipstick faiza beauty cream

Don’t: Wear Bright Lipsticks

All of us love wearing crimson lipstick as winter makeover. Now not simplest as it’s festive, but also due to the fact pink perfectly matches your black, grey, and browns of your darker wintry weather wardrobe. However, it’s crucial you stick to classic or dark reds without any coral or crimson undertones. These colorings signal hotter weather and will conflict along with your darkish winter outfits.

pink lipstick faiza beauty cream

pink lipstick

Do: Go for Grey Nail Paint

Nail polish is a whole lot extra than simply makeup. It’s also a tremendous accessory. It serves to praise your earrings, lengthy-sleeved blouses, and coats. So ensure your nail polish is always the best colour. Bust out the grays, nudes, blacks, cherry reds, Merlot, or even sparkly golds and silvers.

Grey nail polish faiza beauty cream

Grey nail polish

Do: Go for a Rosy Blush

One benefit of braving the cold in winters is returning home with flushed, rosy cheeks. You could recreate this flattering appearance by way of generously swirling on crimson blush. It adds that warmth and punch to the pores and skin that we miss when it’s cold out.

Don’t: Go Near a Bronzer

As your tan fades with the passing of summer season, it is great to embrace paler skin and locate approaches to complement it, instead of try to paint on a faux, summer glow. Ditch your bronzer this winter, and alternatively keep on with pink blush. A brown contour may not fit the relaxation of your frame, and rosy cheeks appearance far extra endearing.