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Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with strands that have natural curls. Straight hair can be super difficult to style and we know for a fact how all girls with straight hair want their hair to be curled. Curling hair requires time and patience and frankly, no one has much of either of those these days. So, how do you get curly hair with ease? Simply follow the tips shared here to get curly hair at home!


These tips will help you get your hair curly and gorgeous in just one night! Follow these steps to the dot.

Comb your Hair while they are Damp

Barely damp your hair and comb it to get rid of all of the tangles with a extensive toothed comb.

Use your Head Scarf to Make a Rope

Take a skinny headscarf or make your own that looks something like this.

Tie the Rope (aka Head Scarf) to your Forehead

  • Tie the band to your forehead on a manner that it passes to the back.
  • From one facet of your head, close to your ear, take a section of hair below the band in this manner.

Wrap, wrap, wrap!

Without making tangles, wrap it inside the band cautiously and tightly. Pull the whole wrapped hair downwards cautiously and comb if important.


Take another hair phase simply beside the previous hair phase you took and wrap it into the band again without making tangles, pulling it downwards once more. Take subsequent section of your hair and repeat the above method carefully. This is the way it seems.

When you have shoulder length hair, then it will likely be incredibly less complicated to try this. However if you have lengthy hair like me, then you definitely’ll need to wrap more number of times. When you have longer hair than mine, then it could be slightly extra difficult due to the fact you need to discover an area to wrap the hair.

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