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Winter is here and with all the extra layers, we need some other extra measures in place to make sure we survive the cold this year. Our skin, our body, our hair, they all need special attention in this cold weather. We all deal with cold weather in our own ways but these tries and tested tips and tricks are sure to help everyone.


We usual pass the complete cold weather complaining about the cold and the effects of it on your skin. But here we are giving some tips for your skin, hair and lips. And make sure you follow these to avoid any sort of issues.

For your Hair

1- You need to seriously avoid the hot warm showers. They do give the warmth but they will damage the surface of your hair and the texture.

2- You definitely don not need to wash your hair more than twice in a week.

3- Prefer not to use the curlers and hot straighteners in winters.

4- You should definitely apply coconut oil once a week. They keep your hair hydrated and scalp properly moisturized.

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For Your Skin

1- Wash your face with normal or lukewarm water.

2- Do apply creams or moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated and properly moisturized.

3- After taking a shower, do not forget to apply a nice body lotion.

4- Another tip for moisturizing is that you should should scrub once a week. This will remove and peel off the dead skin and keep your skin fresh and smooth.

For your Lips

1- The most important tip to prevent the chapped dry lips is to apply good enough layers of Vaseline.

2- Going for an event or a party? Prefer not to use the matte lipstick. It will make your lips more dry.

3- You can get the vitamin E capsules and apply them on your lips for overnight.

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