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Every other person, man or woman suffers from cracked heels. They are a nuisance and they make your entire appearance look unkempt and floppy. Cracked heels are painful and can be caused due to many reasons. Your heels require proper care like every other part of your body. Ever wondered why you have cracked heels? If you have cracked heels, these could be the reasons. 


Now mostly people don’t consider these issues until they began to pain. There are many causes of these issues but you actually need to know that there are some serious underlying reasons behind this issue.

Dry Skin

Now in winters we love having the hot warm showers. But hardly we know that there is a serious issue arising because of these frequent hot showers. These showers will make your skin dry and chapped. It will make your skin swollen and then it will cause bleeding of your skin.

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cracked heels


Diseases influence the risk of other diseases as well. Diabetes is very common and prevalent disease in many people. Diabetes 2 will make your skin more prone to infections. The nerve damage by this diabetes will make your skin very dry. It damages the pathway of it’s blood flow. Thus skin becomes cracked.

Tips And Tricks For Cracked Heels

Well this issue is not the end of the world. There are a lot of remedies which you can use to get rid of this issue.

  • Use a nice moisturizer at night and apply it before sleeping. Massage it properly and you will have  nice sweet sleep.
  • You can also use the pumice stone to make your dry skin come off and fresh skin will be on place.
  • As mentioned earlier, you seriously need to avoid taking excessive warm hot showers.
  • Pro tip: Drink excessive water and make sure you remain hydrated.