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All of a sudden the world seems to have realised the importance of natural oils and their countless benefits. Everyone is seen raving about one oil or another. There are various oils available in the market that offer remedies to so many of our problems but unfortunately, buying them could leave a big dent in your wallet. How about you make your own oils at home? They cost close to nothing and their benefits remain the same!


Easy Recipes to Make Your Own Oils

If you are worried because of expensive oil and beauty products. Then this article is the end of your worries and miseries. We have listed down the methods to prepare some very important and beneficial oils at home.

Black Seed And Olive Oil

We all know that olive oil is one of the best oil for your skin and hair. It will nourish your scalp and keep the moisture of scalp managed. Also, it will give the nourishing to your hair follicles. Now, how you can mix the oils?

black seed and olive oil faiza beauty cream

black seed and olive oil

You simply need to take some black seed and add little ammount of olive oil in it. Then mix it properly. Now it will be suitable to applied on yoru hair.

Mustard Oil And Castor Oil

Mustard oil and castor oil are both rich in the nutrients. The procedure is very simple. You need to be careful with the stove. So take these two oils in a clean saucepan and heat it. Now once it is well hot. You can take it off and massage nicely and gently on your hair. Make sure that the oil is not very hot. Otherwise, e it will burn your scalp or else it will damage your hair follicles.