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One of the most annoying hair related issues is split ends. You just cannot get rid of them without losing half your head. Split ends can ruin your entire look. They can make your hair appear like dead grass. In all our busy routine we forget to take care of our hair. That’s the first step in avoiding split ends but how to get rid of split ends without cutting your hair? 


To understand the treatment of prevention for getting the split end hair. You will need to know the causes to help yourself get rid of split ends withou cutting your hair.

What Causes Split Ends?

  • Use of hair styling tools particularly, iron rods, hair straightener and hot curlers.
  • Excessive use of hair chemical treatments.
  • Damages from the environment.
  • Brushing your recently washed hair.
  • Washing your hair frequently.
  • Use of poor and cheap quality hair products.
  • Excessive and routine based use of the gel and hair sprays.

How to Prevent Split Ends

Don’t Over Use Appliances

You need to manage a balance in the use of these hot iron curlers and straighteners. They cause a lot of damage to your hair!

MicroFiber Towel

We recommend you o use microfiber towels as they will give the softness rub to them. Rather than the common terry towels which cause a lot of damage to the texture and roots of your hair.


Drink Essential Water

You need to drink the essential and minimum amount of water to make sure your scalp and hair remain hydrated.

warm water

warm water

Use Wide Comb

You need to comb your hair with a wooden comb. And particularly use the one with the wide teeth. It will eventually prevent your hair from detangling.

Coconut Oil

It is very tough to do regular oiling in this busy life. But for the sake of nice and split ends free hair you definitely need to do this.