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Concealers are an important part of our look. If we don’t hide those marks and bags under eyes what even is the point of getting ready. If you don’t know how to conceal properly, you could ruin your entire makeup look. But to apply concealer perfectly is an art in itself.


At some stage in the makeup concealer is used so as to disguise the following skin characteristics;

  1. Dark circles
  2. Tiny strains
  3. Minor blemishes
  4. Pimples
  5. Scars
  6. Under-eye circles
  7. Redness across the nostrils, damaged blood vessels
  8. Dark internal corners of eyes etc

These cannot be covered with a few skinny layers of basis. Concealer can be observe with sponges, brushes, or fingertips, in a skinny layer. After which if essential can add greater thin layers if essential.You must apply concealer perfectly to make everything look good.

Things to Remember

Make certain a concealer or make up suits your skin. See how it seems in shiny mild or sunlight. It ought to combination so well that it seems obvious on the pores and skin, yet it hides the preferred areas. A greater natural appearance is whilst you operate sheer layers.

Tips and Tricks

Right here are a few tips to get the pleasant outcomes out of concealer.

  1. Put a small quantity to your fourth fingertip.
  2. Dot it on and circulate from the outside nook of the eye inward, and lower back out once more.
  3. Purple or red toned pores and skin types must use concealers with a inexperienced undertone.
  4. You could additionally add a small quantity of inexperienced eye shadow if you could’t locate the right coloration.
  5. Concealer can be used over or under basis, whichever way you select, be sure to blend, blend and blend.
  6. Whilst you’remixing, be gentle for your skin.
  7. People with dark under-eye circles or blue toned pores and skin kinds must use a yellow or peach toned concealer to neutralize the darker tones.
  8. Don’t use concealer on freckles and pigmentation until you really need to. Because they’ll require heavier layers that can cause them to appearance worse.
  9. Your concealer need to be the precise coloration as your basis. If you can’t locate the proper tone, buy a shade lighter.
  10. In case you don’t use foundation, concealer need to in shape your pores and skin tone.
  11. In terms of dark circles, use your fingertips for the underneath eye area.
  12. Use a shade lighter than your foundation if they’re recessed.
  13. Use a piece darker if they are puffy.
  14. Concealer have to constantly be implemented before foundation.
  15. Make sure your pores and skin is cleansed and moisturized, as concealer has a tendency to settle into great lines on dry skin.