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While there are countless beauty products out there, they also have a limited life and that is something most of us end up forgetting. Every product has a shelf life, during which it works well. When a product’s shelf life ends, it stops working properly. And in the long run, it could also damage your skin. It is important to know about product expiry for these reasons.

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Before you use any product and get it near your skin, you need to check for product expiry. So let us begin with the detailed discussion on different products of makeup. And see if you have been using the expired products. If yes, you will need to throw them out immediately.

Expiry of Anti Ageing Creams

So well, we all use these anti aging creams or more likely the serums in large bottles. But did you notice that at times they are not as effective as they should have been? The reason is that these skin care products have vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide. They actually have a less living time and so these products expire in a period of six months.

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Moisturizers and Other Serum’s Expiry

Just like the anti aging serums, there are certain substances in moisturizers which expire them. These substances include fruit-based compounds and antioxidants. Once they lose the power, they make your skin damaged. So better get a new one after seven to eight months.

Expiry Dates for Sun Screens and Sun Blocks

You should know that the sunscreens lose their potency in a period of one year. So, if you have been using the old one and still getting dark, this is the reason. Also, the main indicator is the foul smell that starts coming out of it.