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We all know our skin types but do we know our skin tones? When you’re putting makeup on, it is essential that you know your skin tone so that you can use products accordingly. If we aren’t careful about this, our makeup may not look how we want it to look. If you are someone who is trying to figure this thing out, this article is just for you. When you are done reading, you will know your skin tone.


This article will help you know your skin tone.

Types of Skin Tone

So one of the most common knowledge of the skin tones is as follows.

Fair: Fair skin is most probable for burns in sun.

Light: This means the skin color is lighter.

Dark: Such skins have more secretion of melanin pigment in them.

Finding your Skin Tone

Now, this is not an easy task but you need to go through the guidelines very carefully to completely get the hang of this method.

Cool Skin Tones

This is one the quickest method to determine the skin tone. All you need to do is to look at the color of your vein at the wrist region. So if your veins are of blue color or purple, then this means that you have cool skin tone. Also, another method to fine the skin tones is to see if in case of your skin burn your skin doesn’t get tan, than again you have the cooler one.

Cool Or Warm Skin Tones

Cool Or Warm Skin Tones

2- Warm Skin Tone

In case the veins at your wrist region appear to be greenish in color than this shows warmer tone. Also, if your skin gets tanned after sunburn than you will have warm skin tone.

3- Neutral Skin Tone

People having olive complexion have these type of neutral skin tones. Also for them it is difficult to determine the exact color of the veins.