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Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you cannot look bomb. Because you can! You can create a smokin’ hot look with glasses if you just take care of a few simple things. There are special tips here for people who wear glasses.

If you wear glasses, and you want to look bomb every time you dress up, this is just the article for you.

Go Soft on the Eyes

Dark frames are always a good choice but coupling it with bold eyeliner or smokey eyes isn’t. Choose shades that are medium toned and neutral. Something soft and not too bold to go with your bold frames.

girl with glasses

Streamline your Eyelashes

If you don’t put your mascara right, the lens of your glasses will enhance those clumps and show them to the world. That’s so not what we want. Choose a formula that lengthens your eyelashes and combs them so they’re separated and don’t turn into lumps or cluster together. It’s unflattering.

girl with glasses

Lighten up that Concealer

Again, the lens on your glasses will enhance your eyes. They won’t just enhance the faults on your eyelashes but will also make your under eye are prominent. If you cake up too much concealer down there, it will show. Go easy on the concealer. Go for a formula that doesn’t look cakey. And don’t put too much. Invest in a concealer that’s highly pigmented and comes in a stick. That way it will be easier to not just apply, but it also won’t make your under eye area cakey.

girl with glasses

Make it Pretty

Dark, bold frames can at times look pretty masculine. Because you are going so easy on the eyes and keeping it all neutral and light. You need to brighten things up with your lips and cheeks and make the overall look pretty and feminine. Go for shades of pink and peaches on your lips and cheeks and you will rock those frames like all those celebrities!

girl with glasses