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Angelina Jolie’s lips have been goals for women for years. Some people are born with naturally full lips but a lot of us aren’t that lucky. So, how do you make thin lips look fuller? We understand not everyone can afford to get fancy treatments done. Which is why we decided to share some tips with you.

Here are some ways which will help make thin lips look fuller.

Use a Lip Liner

Get a lip liner that is slightly darker than the shade of your lipstick. Use it to draw around the outline line of your lips. This darker shade creates a 3D effect and helps in making your lips look fuller and plump.


Highlight the Outline

Highlights are not just to blind people with the shimmer on your cheekbones. When you highlight the outer line of your lips with a light shade, it creates the illusion of pushing your lips forward. Use it to outline the top of the lip and the groove that runs from there to your nose, and not to forget, the Cupid’s bow.


Blend Together Two Lipsticks

If your lipstick gradually gets lighter in the center of the lips, it will create the appearance of plump, fuller lips. First, apply your lipstick to the entire lip. Then add a slightly lighter shade or maybe even a shimmery gloss in the center of both your top and bottom lips. Blend it in with a brush. Now, your lips will look fuller because of the illusion the light shade in the center of your lips is creating.

Get a Lip Plumper

There are many brands and types of lip plumpers out there that you could try. Some will work for a couple of hours while others may last longer. What a lip plumper does is, it helps increase the lip’s natural production of collagen. Some temporarily swell the lips too.