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We all make blunders from time to time but, we cannot afford to make beauty mistakes. Why? Because they impact your look and personality directly!

Here are some of the most common beauty mistakes that we laymen make. We are hoping knowing about them will allow you to rectify.

Common Blow Drying Mistake

The most common mistake you can make is hold your brush wrong while blow drying your hair. We know it feels natural to hold the blow dryer with your strong hand but, you shouldn’t. Because you need the hairbrush to keep your hair in the right place and for that, you need to have a good grip on it. Your weak hand just wont do.

blow drying

Rubbing your Hair with a Towel to Dry

Been wondering why your hair is always frizzy and broken and dry and all over the place? This is probably because you dry your hair with a towel and rub it while doing so.

When you get out of the shower, gently squeeze excess water out with your hands. Then, blot and squeeze your hair with a towel instead of wringing it or rubbing it. Be gentle.


Neglecting the Neck

When applying SPF and other protections, we generally tend to forget our neck. We need to remember that our neck area is just as exposed to the sun as our face. The harsh weather, whether hot or cold could damage your skin in that area.

Next time you are moisturising your face or putting on SPF, dab it all over your neck too.

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Let your Lower Eyelashes be

When you put mascara on your lower eyelashes, you are basically making your eyes look smaller. Let your lower eyelashes do their natural job and this way, you won’t even have any smudges. No curling lower lashes, no putting mascara on them.