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As girls we don’t like to go out of the house without our nails painted. We all have our nail polish favourites that we keep buying over and over again.

Today we will share some of our nail polish favourites with you so that you can add them to your list.

OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark

This particular shade of nail polish works on every skin tone. It’s a very dark hue of purple which is almost black. Whether it’s your toe nails that you want to paint or your fingernails, this is just the color for you.

OPI has a quick drying formula which makes this nail polish ideal. You don’t have to deal with chipped nail polish, and you can get out the house as soon as you put your nail polish on.


Butter London, Wallis

Everyone who loves glitter and sparkle is going to love this nail color. It’s got an old gold look, with a lot of micro glitter in it. So basically when you’re out in the sun your nails are going to be shining and shimmering and who doesn’t love that!

This nail polish is prone to chipping especially at the front of the nails so you may need to secure it with a good top coat. But because it’s made with glitter a little bubble here and there won’t be noticeable, so go get it!

Essie, Mademoiselle

If you are into nudes and pinks then this is exactly the sheet that you need. It is a very very light shade of pink but gives you a complete and pulled together look. You may need to do multiple coats to get proper, full color. But, I am telling you it’s worth all the trouble.

The nail polish has a jelly like consistency and dries pretty fast compared to Essie standards.