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Still don’t know whether to buy that super expensive highlighter or that drug store concealer? Don’t worry! Top beauty products are hard to select and the only way to buy them is by relying on reviews.

We have reviewed some of the top of the line beauty products here for you. Let us know if this is helpful!

Kylie Lip Kits

The hype for these is as real as it gets. The lip kits are amazing to say the least. The lip line is the exact same shade as your lipstick so it doesn’t pop too much but complements your shade perfectly.

The lipstick itself has a flowery scent but nothing too over powering. It dries pretty fast so you have to be careful with your application. Not much room for error with these.

The best part, even though it’s matte, it doesn’t dry out your lips. It remains velvety and soft throughout the day and almost hugs your lips.

Definitely worth the investment!

Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter

This highlighter has the world going crazy and we are supporting it. This is the chameleon highlighter we have all been looking for. No matter your skin tone, this highlighter has a way of working out.

It was carefully crafted to cater to all skin tones. And it does a very good job of that.

The peach and yellow in the highlighter combine to give a shade that plays on the colours in your skin and highlight it’s natural toned.

It’s consistency is soft and it just brings out the shine in your own skin rather than looking like a streak of applied colour.

Huda Beauty False Eyelashes

False eyelashes got super popular some time ago and they’re still popular. The drama they add to your look and eyes can’t be achieved with just a mascara and top of the eyelashes game is Huda Beauty.

Their eyelashes are widely popular because of the variety they’re offering. They’ve got every look nailed down for every eye shape, quite literally.

The material is really good and long lasting so your investment is pretty much safe too.

If you want those drama eyes, go get some Huda Beauty eyelashes!