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Nail Painting Hacks

By September 11, 2018No Comments

Some of us can be really clumsy when it comes to painting nails. Fortunately, some nail painting hacks exist which make life of clumsy people easy and clean.

Today, we will share some of these nail painting hacks with you so that you can also take advantage of them and use them for your next manicure.

Vaseline Helps Avoid Mess

If you’re worried about your nail polish getting on the skin around the sides of your nails, then all you need is Vaseline.

Just use a cotton swab and rub Vaseline on the area around your nails and then paint your nails freely. If any color does go to decide you can easily clean it up.

Source: Kathleen Kamphausen

Prevent Tips from Chipping

To prevent the tips of your nails from chipping you will need to apply your top coat twice. Once, you will apply it to only the top part of your nail. The second time, you will apply it to the entire nail. This way, you’re double securing the tip of your nail and hence preventing it from chipping. Easy, right?

Source: Kathleen Kamphausen

White Nail Polish as Base Coat

If you really want your nail color to pop out and show it’s true pigment, then you need to get yourself a white nail polish.

When you use white nail polish as a base coat, you’re giving your nail polish a chance to show it’s true color in all it’s glory.

So next time when you’re out there to buy a base coat make sure you get a white nail polish instead of the standard base coat.

Source: Kathleen Kamphausen

Fast Dry your Nail Polish

We all hate it when we ruin our nail polish by moving our hands too soon after applying the color.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid that and stop it from happening by making your nails dry quicker than normal.

Next time, when you’re in a rush just dry your nail polish by placing your fingernails or toenails in ice cold water for 3 to 5 seconds.

Now, you can go and do whatever you want without ruining your freshly done manicure.

Source: Kathleen Kamphausen