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Our feet are the most used part of our body, and often the most neglected. It is often challenging to take care of them because of our busy schedules and lack of time. Here are some quick and easy natural remedies to attain baby soft feet at home, in no time at all.

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There are a lot of foot-care products that promise great results overnight, but they can be costly, and some of the chemicals in such cosmetic products are known to damage skin tissues, so we are bringing to you some natural remedies to get those soft and smooth feet you’ve always longed for.


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Exfoliation plays a major role in helping you get smooth and soft skin. It is simply a process of removal of dead skin cells from the outer layer which helps repair your feet after a rough day.

Exfoliate daily with a home-made scrub or a pumice stone. To get the best results, soak your feet in warm water for a while so that it’s easier to remove the dead skin cells which may cause your feet to look dull and tough.

After soaking, use a homemade scrub or pumice stone to gently get rid of the built up dead skin cells, use circular motions to perform this step.

Make sure you do not scrub harshly because it will cause discomfort.


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The most important step to achieve baby soft skin is to moisturize your feet every day. To help keep your feet properly hydrated, moisturize them with a lotion or a cream on a daily basis.

Make sure you moisturize after exfoliating in order to keep the moisture of the skin locked in and to keep them hydrated. You can also moisturize your feet after showering or taking a bath or before going to sleep every night.

Don’t forget to apply petroleum jelly to your toenails every night to get healthy looking toenails in the morning.