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This is one of the most common things to do; Wash face. We do it a number of times throughout the day. However, here we will be sharing a couple of tips to do it correctly.

Exact Guide To Wash Face Correctly

We know that this will be the most strange thin you will have known. That there needs to be a proper step wise guide followed for the washing of face. But we all do know that beauty comes with good skin care. So let us begin with the easy guide to wash face.

Rule One

Wash Hands Before Washing Face

Let us make this simple. We always wash our brushed or instruments before using them. Similarly, before washing face we need to wash our hands. To make sure that our hands are free from dust and germs.

hand washing

hand washing

Rule Two

Remove Makeup Before Cleansing

You need to remove your makeup before washing your face as well. This can be done by using liquid cleaner or the cream cleanser. This is important because otherwise the chemicals from the makeup will spread on the skin. And this may cause irritation.

Rule Three

Rinse Only With Lukewarm Water

You need to take care of the temperature of the water. If you are washing your face with water of extreme temperatures. Then this may result in dryness of the skin. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using the lukewarm water.


Rule Four

Pat Your Skin Do Not Rub It

This is yet another important feature which you need to consider. After washing your face, you need to dry it. For drying, make sure that you are not rubbing the skin. Rather just try to pat it. This will make sure that a thin layer of moisture on the skin. And this will keep the skin properly hydrated.