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For a couple of years, facial serum has been considered as an innovation to treat skin problems. However, it is not often used as prescribed. Let’s learn about the dangerous side effects.

Side Effects Of Using Facial Serum For Skin Treatment

Most of the women these days are using these serums to improve beauty. You can get the maximum benefits but only if you follow the rules. There are a lot of dangerous features which can be implemented because of these serums. So let us look into the side effects of these factors.

1- Damaging Kidney Functions

When the vitamin C of these serums enters the body. Eventually, it is processed by the kidneys. If in case, the level of the vitamin C is too much in the serum, then it will be extremely dangerous for the kidneys. And it will cause a toxic damage to them. This can even result in disruption of the kidney functions and kidney failure.

2- Cause Free Radicals

The presence of the chemicals can result in the excessive production of the free radicals. This is mainly caused when the serum is not properly absorbed by the skin. These radicals will be then produced and will, in turn, result in the production of the tumor.

Skin pigmentation faiza beauty cream

Skin pigmentation

3- Extreme Skin Irritation

Honestly, having irritation on the skin is one of the most miserable things. It annoys a person a lot. And it is often observed that these skin care products result in skin irritation. This might be due to a couple of reasons like poor chemicals of substandard quality. Also, this usually happens on the sensitive skins. In order to avoid this problem, you must first consult with the doctor or a dermatologist. As it is better to use a medicated and prescribed facial serum for the treatment of the skin issues.