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If you are a makeup enthusiast, then you will be definitely aware of this word. But there is always something new with us that we want to tell. So let’s learn about lip strobing in detail.


What Is Lip Strobing?

Well, without any further worry, let us begin on this technique. This is not some technical thing rather just a different trendy name for lip highlighting. It is just as simple as putting eyeliner, all you do is add glitz to your lips. In this way, you get a bit bigger pout of lips.

How To Do Lip Strobing In Easy Steps?

So here are some easy five steps that you need to follow. It is simple only if you follow the correct makeup techniques. And one thing we all know for fact is that you need to follow the right type of makeup products.

Step One

You need to first select a lip liner with a lighter shade as compared to your lipstick. And this will act as the base of your lips

pink lipstick faiza beauty cream

pink lipstick

Step Two

Colour Of Your Lips

Here, choose the color of the lip shade as you like. But make sure it is in contrast with the lip liner.

Step Three

This part is the fun part actually. You need to add the shimmer to your lips by either using highlighter or sparkly eyeshadow. Then, apply it to the middle of the lower lip.

Step Four

Now, you need to take a cotton swab and make sure the shimmer is blended properly and is settled.

Step Five

And the last step is to apply some nice gloss on your lips. This will give a nice shimmer and fresh look to the overall makeup of your face.