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So you might be slightly confused right now. After reading the previous post. You might be thinking that retinol and retinoids are the same stuff. But no, they are very different. Here we will be discussing the benefits of them and how they are helpful for us?


What Exactly Are Retinoids?

These are actually man-made pr more like lab synthesized compounds which are derivative of the vitamin A. These help in the removal of the acne and other skin issues. Also, unlike the retinols they are used only if they are given to you in the prescription form. You can also have read about them are tretoin. It is amazing for the unclogging of the pores and it works on the proper discoloration of the damaged skin. Lastly, it is way more stronger and potent than the retinols.

When Are These Used?

These are used under the following conditions.

  • When your skin is not too sensitive.
  • In case you have a long history of repeated skin damage and you are above the age of thirty five years.
  • Your skin is scarred from the pimples.
  • You have issue of melasama from sun or hormones etc.

What Are The Benefits Of It?

Following are it’s amazing list of benefits.

  • It is super awesome for the proper unclogging of the pores.
  • It also reduces the outbreaks of the acne and also help in reduction of it as well.
  • This can treat the wrinkles and remove the fine lines.
  • It also boosts the production of collagen in the skin.
  • They are amazing for the treatment of the bacteria which cause the production of oil and acne on the skin.
  • On repeated use, they work amazingly for the maintenance of the normal skin tone and skin balance.