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We understand your exertion to stay lean and healthy. But it is very common that some people have chubby cheeks despite the fact that they are smart. Now, most of us like this but some do not. So here we will share methods to use makeup for hiding the chubbiness. 


How To Use Makeup To Hide Chubby Cheeks?

Do Extra Contour

Keep in mind that because you’ve got chubby cheek, the contour needs to be extra vertical than horizontal. So the contour allows you elongate the face. Opt for bronze or silver toned blushes with a purpose to provide you with high cheekbones.

Avoid The Bright Blush

If you have chubby cheeks, whatever too bright will only intensify your chubby cheeks. You want to pick a subtle coloration that doesn’t display an excessive amount of for your skin yet lends a flushed look. We endorse going with a bronzy blush that won’t be too overpowering on your cheeks.

Arch Your Eyebrows

The form of your brows is vital in terms of taking attention far from your chubby cheeks. excessive arched brows will make your face appear slimmer and as a result, cover your chubby cheeks.

Your Eyes Need To Look Bigger

Ensure you move the focus to the eyes. Make them appear larger by way of going for a winged eye. If you’re going for an evening look, move for smokey eyes but make sure you use a mascara that opens up your eyes.

Properly Blend The Makeup

Blending is the key to making your cheeks appearance smaller. Unblended blush or contouring will simplest make your cheeks appearance chubbier. So make sure you put money into sponges and makeup brushes to make sure that the job is carried out perfectly.