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There are a lot of people who think that the highlighter and illuminators are same. However, there is a major difference between both of them. And this should be known to make sure that the makeup sets perfectly on our faces. 


What Is The Difference Between Highlighter And Illuminators

So to know the difference between them, you need to know the purpose at first.

Highlighters Will Emphasize Particular Areas

If you have an excellent bone structure or would really like to highlight certain high points of your face. Then a highlighter is reachable. A highlighter is for zones where mild would hit naturally. So apply it beneath the forehead bone, at the cupid’s bow or at the bridge of your nose.

Illuminators Will Bring Overall Radiance

If you think that your skin looks rather lackluster and dull, an illuminator is your solution to the radiant skin. An illuminator is for adding that glow to your skin and your whole face. So your pores and skin seem glowy on the complete.

Highlighters Are Lighter In Color

A highlighter is usually a shade lighter than your foundation ideally in champagne or gold. Colors in order to carry a sheen and stand out on the desired areas.

Illuminators Have Hint of Glimmer

Illuminators may be combined with foundations/primers—base products. Which can be applied in the course of the face so you achieve a standard glow.

Highlighters Are More Intense

Highlighters are extreme and for this reason, you want to ensure which you dirt off the excess from your fan brush due to the fact you don’t want your nose or cupid’s bow to be extra shiny.

Illuminators Have Subtle Glow

When you consider that illuminators are usually combined with a base product. So they upload a subtle glow in your pores and skin rather than a highlighter, which is more in your face.