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We know that it is not that tough to apply the makeup. Especially when it comes to eye makeup. But it is extremely tough to get rid of the makeup after the festival. Particularly the waterproof makeup. Today, we will be giving an easy stepwise guide to remove waterproof mascara. 


Step Wise Guide To Remove Waterproof Mascara

We promise that this easy guide will make your makeup removal easier than ever. You need to go through these four step carefully and then practice. Do let us know if you have an any better suggestion.

Step 1

Get A Nice Soft Cotton Pad

This is a very important thing you must know. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. And they need to be taken great care of. So you must ensure the usage of 100% cotton pads for makeup removal.

Step 2

Get A Bi-Phased Makeup Remover

This bi-phase makeup remove has two phases. One is the oil part and the other is water. This will ensure that the skin does not get the too greasy look. And become worse. So use these ones.

Step 3

Gently Remove The Waterproof Mascara

Now, this is a very critical step. You need to hold the cotton pad and touch it on your eyes for a few seconds. This will ensure that the mascara is breaking down. Now, once the mascara is softened it will be easier to remove. After that, gently and softly rub the cotton pad on the eyelashes.

Step 4

Use Vaseline Petrolleum Jelly

Now, you will have noticed that when you are removing the mascara. Small titbits will be stuck in between your lashes. You should dip the cotton bud with vaseline. But be careful with the eyes.

Make sure you follow these guidelines and get the best clear skin afterward.