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Well honestly, with the kind of diet we have these days. The growth of facial and skin hair is a must. But you do not need to worry as the market is full of waxes and hair removers. But the main thing is which wax is better? The peel-off wax or the regular wax? 


Why Is Peel-Off Wax Better Than Regular Wax?

So let us begin with the facts you must know about the peel off wax. This wax has a different gel-like sort of consistency. This feature helps in the removal of the unwanted hair growth on your skin. Plus point is that this will increase the glow of your skin.

How To Apply?

It is super simple to apply this wax on your skin. You can apply it with the help of a brush with multiple strokes. This will maintain the thickness of the wax. After that you need to let it settle and dry, this will let the hair stick faster and can be removed easily.

How Is It Better?

No Strips

You will not need to get into the fuss of having strips to peel off. Plus the absence of strips makes it more economical.


In regular wax, we use muslin cloth which makes the hair removal very painful. Here all you need to remove is the gel-like wax. So that makes it much more comfortable.

Removes Tiny Hairs

You do not need to worry about the small tiny hairs in this case. It will remove them all. And that too in the first attempt if you have a good quality wax.