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We all know that our diet plays a great role in determining the health and skin features. But hardly we actually consider this and take care of diet. Eye bags are a common cause of discomfort and reducing the beauty of any person. It is often added to the stress. Here in this article, we will discuss how to reduce and get rid of this issue in no time!



To treat this issue, you first need to know about the causes. It is often referred as the puffy eyes. It can be caused due to lack of sleep or if you are very tired. Here are some remedies which will help you treat this and get rid of it.

1- Less Salt Intake

Now, this is something you definitely need to understand. You must lower the intake of salt in your daily diet. Excessive intake of salt causes the puffiness of eyes. Therefore, we advise you to increase the intake of fresh foods and vegetables.

2- Use Cucumbers

Cucumbers are best to give the cool and soothing effect to your body. You can cut the slices of cucumber and put on your eyes. They will greatly reduce the eye bags. You can do this practice for a couple of days either early in the morning or an afternoon. This will refreshen your mind and relax you!


3- Essential Oils

You must keep one thing in your mind that your body needs to be hydrated and properly moisturized. Therefore, you can apply the essential oils on your eyes and the eye bags. This will lower the cause of inflammation. You can apply it with the help of cotton buds by gently moving on it. Let it settled and absorbed for half an hour. This will lessen the occurrence of eye bags to a greater extent.