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Lips makeup is important! It brings our whole face makeup collectively and gives a proper definition to the face. But lip make-up does no longer come in a one shape fits all format! We all have different kinds of lips. Number of us are blessed with fuller lips even as others have thin lips.



1- Heavy Lip Makeover

  1. Begin by using lining your lip from the center of your lip to the outside via following your herbal lip shape.
  2. Then, practice a shiny lipstick on the lowest of your lips and a slightly darker tone of the brighter lipstick at the pinnacle. To create an illusion of smaller space to give a smaller lip look.


  1. You may also observe the equal lip colour on the top as well as decrease lips.
  2. And then follow a dab of white pencil or eyeshadow to the center of the bottom lip to obtain stability, evenness and fuller look.

2- Bottom Heavy Lip Makeover

  1. The best trick to even out bottom heavy lips is to use the identical lip colour at the higher in addition to decrease lips.
  2. And then follow a dab of white pencil or creamy nude matte eyeshadow handiest to the middle of the higher lip to reap stability, evenness and fuller look.

3- Un even Lips Makeover

  1. People with choppy lips have to use a lip pencil to define your higher lip, making each the perimeters of the top lip in shape up.
  2. First after which observe the identical for the decrease lip.
  3. Then, smudge the lip liner with a very mild hand to dispose of any tough and hard edges to achieve a herbal finish.
  4. Be cautious with this trick! The lip liner has to be drawn with a totally light hand and combined nicely otherwise it might end up unflattering.

4- Flat Lip Makeover

Flat lips can be given a great form with this trick:

  1. Start with the aid of outlining your lip barely outside the natural lip line of your lip.
  2. Shimmery and frosty lip formulas paintings properly on thinner and flatter lip. As it provides a fuller and plumping impact.
  3. Ombre lip consequences additionally paintings properly on thinner and flat lips.
  4. Begin by means of filling the outer corners of your lip with a dark lip color.
  5. And fill the center of the lip with a gentle or vivid lip coloration to create a terrifi ombre lip effect.