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You want pink lips. So that you step out and purchase the whole lot that guarantees to help you gain that. Lip balms, lip scrubs and tints – you splurge on the whole lot. You look on the long list of chemical substances that go into making them however you ignore it. because you want pink lips.



Every body who has dealt with a beetroot knows that they stain the whole lot they arrive into touch with. So it makes experience to style a lip product out of it. Beetroot lends your lips a splendid purple tint and on the identical time, clears up lip pigmentation.

beetroot faiza beauty cream



  1. A medium-sized beetroot
  2. Coconut oil
  3. food processor
  4. Strainer
  5. Small container


Step 1

  1. Begin by washing the beetroot thoroughly with water.
  2. Then, peel the outer layer off.
  3. Reduce the beetroot into small slices and placed it into the meals processor.
  4. Grind the beetroot absolutely till there is a seen watery residue.
  5. Make certain which you do not add water to the beetroot as it will dilute the vibrancy of the color.

Step 2

  1. Carefully strain the juice of the grated beetroot, and make certain that no bits and pieces make their way into it.
  2. Switch it without delay right into a smooth field to keep it for destiny use.
  3. The container or jar that you are the use of has to be cleaned and sterilized.
  4. To make certain that the case is clean, wipe off any residual product that might be present, wash it thoroughly and sterilize with rubbing alcohol.

Step 3

  1. Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil to the beetroot tint.
  2. In case you are looking for a sheer lip shade, you could upload a touch greater coconut oil. You may replace the coconut oil with honey or beeswax, as they do an amazing activity at moisturizing lips.

Step 4

  1. Now use a easy spoon or toothpick to combination the aggregate properly.
  2. Place it in the field within the fridge and await the tint to solidify earlier than the use of.
  3. As this lip tint is absolutely natural and loose from preservatives, you’ll want to shop it within the refrigerator to make it ultimate longer.

Step 5

  1. As quickly as it is applied, the lip tint seems to be gentle purple in color.
  2. However as soon as it oxidizes in a few minutes, your lips will take on a fabulous reddish-plum tint, which looks beautiful on any pores and skin tone!
  3. You can dab it as soon as for a softer, greater natural appearance or layer it for extra intensity.