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Ask any hairstylist accessible what’s the exceptional manner to maintain your color sparkling and hair bright and moisturized and probabilities are they’ll let you know not to do hair washing every single day. However the fact is informed, you’re better off not washing and conditioning each single day and right here’s why.


As a well-known rule, when you have exceptional hair, you ought to wash your hair every other day. medium hair ought to be washed every day, thick hair may be washed once every 3 to 4 days, and for naturally curly hair, once per week is sufficient.

  • Medium hair ought to be washed every day.
  • Thick hair may be washed once every 3 to 4 days.
  • Naturally curly hair, once per week is sufficient.

Maximum ladies don’t comply with this due to a lack of know-how and training. The hair care marketplace is classified into 3 segments—high-quality, regular and thick hair. However, everyone’s hair is one of a kind with particular

  1. consistencies
  2. textures
  3. sensitivities of the follicle
  4. variations in oil ranges on the scalp

Your hairstylist might be in a position to inform you where your hair lands within these classes and how fine to take care of it.


Overwashing hair can harm hair in greater methods than one. Shampoos now not only put off the build up but herbal oils as properly. At the same time as shampooing is useful to your scalp, it isn’t useful for the hair shaft and may cause it to end up dry. Add within the truth that so a lot of us depend upon the use of blow dryers post-washing and also you’ve immediately got the recipe for dry, broken hair within the making.

Hair Washing Faiza Beauty Cream

Hair Washing


Conditioning your hair, on the other hand, doesn’t play by means of those guidelines. Conditioning hair isn’t unfavorable because it doesn’t strip away the oils. It’s no longer dangerous to condition every day—you may rinse with water and condition. simply make sure to apply a balanced conditioner with moisture and proteins to replenish the hair.

Hair Conditioner Faiza Beauty Cream

Hair Conditioner