Your hair’s health and overall look depends on a lot of factors. It doesn’t only depend on how much you oil it or what you eat or what products you use on it. It also depends on how you wash it. And we don’t mean the shampoo and conditioners, we mean the water. Have you ever wondered what is the right water temperature to wash your hair with? If yes, then we have the answer for you today.

Washing Hair with Cold Water

Let’s first see the effects of washing hair with cold water. Rinsing your hair with cold water facilitates with closing your cuticle after your hair is washed.

It Helps to Close the Cuticles

Open cuticle is ideal while shampooing or conditioning your hair. However when you’re done, you need to seal the cuticle, in order that your hair doesn’t get damaged too without problems.

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Helps to Close Pores on Scalp

Similar to with ultimate the hair cuticle, cold water additionally shuts your pores. Both things are sincerely similar clearly – you want open pores when washing hair but closed pores when you’ve finished. It’s due to the fact closed pores are plenty much less inclined than open ones. What it means is that by way of rinsing your hair with cold water you protect the scalp pores from such things as dust, grease and oil.

Washing Hair with Hot Water

Hair will End up Frizzy

It can make your hair smooth to interrupt. whilst exposed to warm water, your hair can become an awful lot greater resilient than it in reality should be. In case you comb it or brush it right after making use of hot water. Then be conscious that it’s absolutely clean to interrupt a few hair by means of doing so in those occasions.

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Hair Roots become Weak

It may weaken the hair roots. in case you use very hot water whilst washing hair then you could do extreme harm on your hair roots. And permit me tell you, it could sure cause a variety of problems later on. Why? due to the fact if your roots are weakened then your hair begins to curl, will become greater frizzy and may be in hazard of untimely graying.

So, we know know what the right water temperature for hair is. You should obviously use cold water to wash your hair to make sure your hair is health and looks amazing!