Lipsticks were a great invention. They are a favourite with everyone because well, we all want extremely attractive lips don’t we? Some people are naturally blessed with pink rosy lips but some aren’t so lucky. In fact, most of us lose our pink lips to the products we apply on them all the time. All these products affect the natural look of our lips and give them a darker outlook. We decided to tell you how to get your pink lips back, naturally!

There are a few important steps that need to be followed to get the desired pretty pink lips!

Remove Makeup

The most important step in caring for your lips is to remove your make up before going to bed at night. Make it a routine to remove lipstick from your lips using make up remover or through using olive oil or almond oil.

Almond oil for pink lips


Another way to get rosy lips is to exfoliate your lips every night with the help of a soft toothbrush. Move the toothbrush in circular movements to help remove dead skin. This also help to stimulate blood flow to the lips thus making them pink in colour.


Moisturize your lips heavily at night and lightly during the day. This is true of especially extreme seasons such as in peak winter and summer. Coconut oil, olive oil or cocoa butter are effective moisturizers.

Sun rays are also the cause of damaged and black lips. Use a lip balm with SPF to protect lips against ultra violet rays. Smoking also causes black lips. So if you want your lips to blush quit smoking. Keep your lips hydrated. Drink a lot of water and eat fruits with a high water content such as melon, cucumber and tomatoes. Do not lick your lips. It will only do more damage to them. Keep a lip balm with you all the time so that whenever your lips get dry you can apply it.

Some Natural Remedies

  1. Make a pomegranate seed paste to lighten your lips. This can be done with mixing crushed pomegranate seeds and cold milk.
  2. Use turmeric and milk to remove discolouration from your lips.
    Use beetroot juice to stain your lips a bright red.
    Make a raspberry and honey lip mask that will turn your lips pink.
  3. Crush some rose petals and apply the powder to your lips for a natural pink shade.

Of course you can get pink lips artificially by applying lipstick. The above mentioned methods need to be done on a daily basis and require a lot of patience and determination. However, they are long lasting solutions. Lipstick will wear off and one can’t keep it on at all times. So improving your lip colour is more important than hiding it behind a façade!

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