Mud masks are known all over the world for their amazing benefits. But, they can be tricky. If you don’t know how to apply mud mask, then you may miss out on all the amazing benefits this wonder product has to offer.

Here is how you should actually apply mud mask to reap maximum benefits out of it.

Use a Brush

Attempt making use of your mud mask with a paddle brush to damp pores and skin. If your brush is wet too, it would add more to the effect. By means of a brush, you may apply more evenly and without introducing the oils and bacteria on your palms into your face which could certainly cause other problems like clogged pores and black heads and lead to breakouts.

use a brush for mud mask faiza beauty cream
use a brush

Apply it Everywhere

Apply a mud mask down your neck and chest to lessen the appearance of sun harm, redness, or simply to slough off the dead or broken skin. You may even provide a bit boost to the tightness of your neck and chin.

Focus on Problem Areas

Follow it simply to problem areas, or combine it with any other masks and use each where you want it. This works fantastic for mixture skin.

Heal a Bruise

Apply it to a bruise (gently) and allow it dry down.

  • The massaging of application and elimination.
  • The tightening of the clay.
  • The properties of the clays inside the masks – will assist beautify blood flow and speed up the recovery procedure.

Hot Towel Treatment

By means of laying a heat (but now not hot) – semi-moist cloth over your face earlier than casting off the mask, you may re-hydrate it and loosen it from your skin. Gentle removal is much less harsh for your skin.

Take off in Circles

Take away clay masks in small circular movements. as soon as the clay has sucked out the grossness from the darkish, evil depths of your pores (and helped to balance your oil production).