Admit it girls, we don’t like going out of the house without makeup. But, doing it every day can be quite time consuming and taxing. What if there was an easy every day makeup routine for you to follow?

Here’s an easy peasy every day makeup routine you could follow to look gorgeous and be on time too!

Step 1

First things first, you need to prep your face. After your face has been cleaned properly, you need to moisturise it. You could use a regular moisturiser or go for a serum if that’s what you prefer. If you wear SPF, then this is the time to put it on.

If you have an oily skin, you could use a serum for oily skin or just use a primer.

Step 2

You can’t wear a full coverage foundation every day. It’s time consuming and is not good for your skin either.

Instead, get a BB cream or if you have blemishes and marks, get a CC cream and use that on your face. Once done, use a light concealer to cover up the dark circles and any other discolouration.

Step 3

You’re done with the hard part. Now it’s time to get to those eyes. Brush out your brows, and use a brow gel to fix them in place. Curl your eye lashes and put on some mascara.

Step 4

Get a light blush and stroke it across your cheeks for that perfect tint. You can highlight your cheekbones for an extra pop if you like.

Step 5

The last thing, that will light up your entire face is what you do to your lips. Whether you’re a lipstick girl or a lip balm girl, this is going to be the defining moment of your look so put on that lipstick/lip balm and you’re ready to rock the world.

All this would take less than 10 minutes and you’ll go out of your house looking FABULOUS!