Sometimes, things that we consider most healthy could be the ones causing us some distress. Dates have been long known to be good for our health. They are a sacred fruit for muslims, especially. No doubt, dates carry a lot of energy and nutrition but they are not for everyone. Today we will share some side effects of dates with you.

As mentioned above, we all have enjoyed eating dates. But everything taken in excess or in the wrong manner is harmful for us. It can also be harmful for your skin as well as hair. So let’s have a deep look into this perspective and keep our selves at bay from these side effects of dates

They can Cause Rashes

Dates contain a compound in it which is a major cause of the serious side effects. It contains sulfites. These sulfites play a lethal role in aggravating the skin rashes. You should know your bio history and see if you have any such allergy.

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May Lead to Asthma Attack

As mentioned above dates are a major cause of allergies. So they have been considered as culprit in causing asthma attack in people with any such allergy. This is because of the mold that grows in such dried fruits. Since dates are also a dried fruit so they are susceptible of mold growth which causes allergies.

They are Used for Gaining Weight

Dates have high levels of fiber in them. Consequently they have a relatively higher level of calories in them as compared to other dried fruit. Well that is also evident from the sweetness! Due to the high level of calories, they cause weight gain.

Not Ideal for Babies

Dates need to be chewed and since the digestive system of babies is not much developed. Therefore these are harmful for them. It can also cause choking.

In a nutshell, you can intake the dates but you must keep in mind the aforementioned points to stay safe.