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Get Rid of your Dark Neck this Summer

By June 28, 2019February 20th, 2024No Comments

We focus so much on our face that we tend to completely forget about the organ this face is attached to – your neck. It’s just as visible as your face but because we ignore it, it tends to turn dark due to sun burn or general skin tanning. How do you treat a dark neck and help it restore it’s natural colour? We will find that out in this article.

There are many ways to treat dark neck, the follwoing are some of the best:

You can not simply ignore this problem. This issue is most commonly caused by that exposure to the sun. As the harmful rays of sun fall on the skin cells, they tend to turn dark. So here we will be sharing some remedies to treat the darkness of your neck.



Love eating almonds? It is amazing for treating this problem as well. Here’s what you will need to know

  • You need a teaspoon of almonds powder and half teaspoons of milk and honey. Now mix them properly and apply on your neck. It is advised to repeat this at least twice a day.
  • Another method is to heat the almond oil and then apply it directly onto your neck.
almonds for dark neck


Cucumber is another amazing vegetable which can help to sort out this help.

  • You need to grate the cucumber properly and then apply it all over the neck. After that wash it off with rose water. Practice this for a couple of days.
  • Another method is to mix the cucumber juice with the lemon juice. Then apply over your neck with the help of a cotton bud.

Walnuts fix Dark Neck

So honestly, these nuts do a great job for almost every problems related to health and skin.

  • Take a handful of walnuts and crush them into powder.
  • Then mix them properly with some yogurt.
  • Once the paste is made, you need to apply it on the neck and wash it off with cold water.