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How to Remove Nail Polish without a Remover

There are times when there’s no nail polish remover around and we just really need to get rid of the paint. It could be because it’s chipped and needs to go or because the colour you had on doesn’t go with your dress. In either case, what do you do?! How do you remove nail polish without a remover?

Here are some ways to remove nail polish if you don’t have a remover.

1- Apply a Darker Nail Colour to Remove Nail Polish

When you have a nail paint this is darker in coloration than the present day one, you could make use of it for putting off your nail color. Follow the darkish nail color on your already colored nails in thick coats and wipe them off with a cotton ball proper away. Be as rapid as feasible so that the color doesn’t get sufficient time to dry up.

Source: Allure Nails

2- Apply Toothpaste

A drop of toothpaste is all you need to remove the nail color. Use a small quantity of white toothpaste on each nail then begin scrubbing with an antique toothbrush.White toothpastes paintings exceptional as they lift and pull the color off your nail.

3- Use Perfume

If you’re going for walks out of nail remover, keep in mind your frame spray for doing away with your nail shade. Shake the bottle of the spray in such a way that its nozzle remains only a couple of centimeters far from your nail. Now, spritz it at the nail and wipe off the nail coloration by means of the use of a cotton ball. Do the equal for all other nails.

4- Use Hair Spray to Remove Nail Polish

Your hair spray also can be an excellent desire for taking out the old color from your nails. Spritz it on every of your nails and rub lightly with a cotton swab. But, hair spray can also dry out the nails and purpose it to peel. hence, you have to wipe it off the nails as quickly as possible.

  1. Everyday perfume allow you to loads in eliminating your nail coloration.
  2. Simply dip a cotton ball or swab in a touch amount of perfume and rub your painted nails with it.
  3. This wishes little or no stress and you could get paint-free nails instantly.
  4. So, are you ready to pass your everyday nail coloration remover the following time?
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