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Tips for Helping your Skin Survive Winter

By September 7, 2018No Comments

Winters, while magical can be harsh. To survive winter, you need to take extra care of things and you have to be very vigilant or your skin can get dry. In the worst case, you could end up losing a finger or toe too so get your winter caution on!

Here are some tips that will help your skin survive winter and it’s harshness.

Gloves and Scarves

Wear gloves and scarves while being exposed to winter wind. Make sure you are properly covered when you go out and your scarf fully covers your neck and partially covers your face. The wool keeps you warm and stops the harsh air from affecting your skin.



Skin can easily dry out in winter because of heating systems. If you’re in a room that has a heater of any sort, make sure you also have a humidifier.

It will help protect your skin against drying out by keeping the moisture in the room to normal level.


Avoid Hot Baths

Hot baths, while tempting are not at all good for your skin. Hot water can dry out your skin causing it to flake and rash during winters. Go for mildly warm water while taking a bath.


We tend to drink less water in winter because our focus is mostly set on comfort drinks. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be drinking up to 8 glasses of water in winter. It will help keep your skin hydrated and will prevent it from drying out. You can drink a warm glass of water with lemon or mint in it if you’re looking for something comforting.

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You seriously need to bump your moisturizer usage in winter. Use it before bed and use it before leaving your house in the morning too. You can also use serums of vitamin E and C but make sure your skin is moisturized at all times.