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Chapped Lips And Their Simple Home Remedy

Now, this problem is usually of the winters but you have also seen it in the summers. The dried chapped lips are a real problem of irritation. But do not worry, read the best remedies for it. 


What Are The Causes Of Chapped Lips?

Now, to get rid of it, you first need to know the exact cause of them. There are multiple factors which are responsible for this problem. These include;

  • Excessive licking of the lips
  • Skin irritants present in the toothpaste
  • Skin Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Some particular medications can also cause this problem

Remedy For Dried Lips

A- Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is an amazing remedy for this problem.

What Do You Need?

  • One or two drops of grapeseed oil or tea tree oil or you can also use oil of neem leaves.
  • Secondly, you need virgin coconut oil, castor oil or jojoba oil.
coconut oil lip balm faiza beauty cream

coconut oil lip balm


  • Now after you have chosen the two different types of oils from the preferences given above. You need to mix the oils properly and blend it.
  • Apply this mixture regularly on the lips.

Why Is It Amazing?

Now you will be thinking why is it the most recommended remedy for the chapped lips. Well, one of the most obvious reason, the amazing oils added to it. These oils are natural moisturizers and lubricants. They will provide the necessary fatty oils to the lips and eventually be making them supple and soft. Now, the essential oils will fasten the process of healing the lips. And this means that they will also affect the prevention of infections, allergies and be cracking of lips.